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Is Content Distribution more important than Content Creation?

what is content distribution

Most advice on social media marketing goes as follows:

- Create content

- Be consistent

- Keep engaging

- Repeat

You see this advice everywhere and you think this is the secret sauce of your success.

You get to work. Hours go behind content ideation, shoot and content scheduling. Yet when you look at your insights at the end of the month, your see that you still haven't grown that much, there are no leads in your pipeline and you start to question yourself if you are even cut out for it.

This is a story that many brand owners come to me with. "I have tried everything, and nothing works." is how they make their statement.

But I have a question for you - Have you really tried everything?

I don't think so. And that brings me to my next question.

What is Content Distribution?

Content distribution is like breaking a piece of cookie and sharing it with your friends at school so that everyone knows how well your mom bakes. If you only shared it with your best friend, the rest of your class doesn't know how good it is. Even when your best friend says that the cookie is yum, the others don't really get it because they have never tasted it.

Your content is like this cookie 🍪!

You need to break it into pieces and share it across multiple platforms to reach all the possible friends, followers and customers you can or they will never know how good it is or the value you can offer.

Content can be distributed across different mediums and channels:

  1. Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others. Each platform has its unique audience and engagement styles.

  2. Email Marketing: Sending content to your email subscribers, whether it's newsletters, updates, or promotional material.

  3. Blogs and Websites: Publishing content on your own blog or website, which can then be shared through search engines or social media.

  4. Guest Posts: Writing articles or content for other websites or blogs in your industry, allowing you to tap into their existing audience.

  5. Content Syndication: Distributing your content through third-party platforms, like Medium or LinkedIn Pulse, to reach a broader readership.

  6. Video Platforms: Sharing video content on platforms such as YouTube.

  7. Podcasts: Distributing audio content via podcast directories and streaming services.

  8. Press Releases: Announcing news or updates through press releases and distribution services.

  9. Forums and Communities: Sharing content in relevant online forums or community websites.

  10. Paid Advertising: Promoting your content through paid advertising, like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or sponsored content on websites.

With the right content distribution strategy, your business will have increased online visibility, attract potential customers, build brand authority, and achieve marketing goals.

Why is Content Distribution so valuable for businesses?

Content distribution takes your content where your audience hangs out – social media, blogs, YouTube, you name it. By getting our content on different platforms, we're basically turning on all the neon lights to attract potential customers like moths to a flame.

Even a boring piece of content when shared across multiple platforms will give you some value in return. Why? Because every platform has different audiences. And everyone perceives content differently. What may seem boring to some may become interesting to another. This is why the need of the hour is content distribution or dissemination.

In a nutshell, content distribution is the marketing equivalent of being the life of the party. It helps you reach more people, have more fun, and turn your business into the cool kid on the block.

Which is more important then - Content Creation or Content Distribution?

content distribution over content creation

Going back to our original question. Should you as a business focus on creating more content or distributing it?

The answer is both.

Both content creation and distribution are part of the content marketing process and one is dependent on the other.

If your business has so far focused only on content creation, start by putting back those pieces content across multiple platforms without creating something new. This will help release the burden of having to create constantly and also allow your one piece of content to get the maximum reach it could get.

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