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5 Reasons why you keep losing Instagram followers

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

I was working on an Instagram account this month that lost over 109 followers last month. But my client did not sack me..... because we still made sales during this month.

There are reasons why an Instagram account doesn't perform the way you envision.

I have been coming across reels, posts and stories from marketers who have been sharing a lot of tips. I analyzed a few accounts to understand the real insights behind the drop in engagement.

Here are the 5 top reasons that popped up in my analysis:

Posting on irregular schedules - When your posting consistency is not set, your followers tend to lose interest. For example, if you post at 10 a.m. every day, you will continue to show up on your followers' feeds every morning. If you go on an unannounced break or keep posting at different times in the day, then your post is not shown to all the followers. The Instagram algorithm also favours consistency. And this is why your followers may no longer take an interest in following you.

Changing your content strategy - In the introduction above as I mentioned that the client lost 109 followers. And the reason was that we had to change the business strategy to fit new business verticals. Changes like this on a foundational level may affect your business. Change in content strategy or style often confuses followers. You have to understand why people follow you - they find value in your content. If they no longer find value in the content you offer, then they are more likely to unfollow.

Not a true follower - Oftentimes you will lose followers because they are only interested in checking out your content for a short period. They never intended to follow you for the value you offer. They don't follow your content and watch your post. There is nothing wrong with this. In fact, this is good news for you as it helps you know your true followers and to create content around what your community demands.

Becoming too personal - Instagram is a great place to share your personal stories. There is but a fine line between content that is too personal and the right kind of personal content. If you overshare about your personal life, you will lose followers. If your content is not styled as being a personal vlog, you need to re-evaluate your content strategy. Your followers may empathize with your breakup once but if all you talk about is your breakup, they might not find your content worth following.

Posting without a content strategy - When you lose followers even after posting every day, you may need to check your content strategy. I had to go off Instagram for 4 days during the end of February and even without posting, I still gained 16 followers in this period. My unfollows were low and my account engagement was not affected. Without a clear content strategy, you will not be able to create trust in your community.

If you feel like Instagram is punishing you and your content is not resonating with your followers, re-evaluate your account. You may need to work on your content strategy and approach. Create a posting schedule you can manage, work on your content pillars, and engage with your followers. And, losing a few followers will not affect your growth if you are consistent. Don't lose your sleep over this.

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